Playing the Amazon game

Logos NZ is a different kind of Amazon seller, and all our fellow PalmLeaf-plate sellers must be too. 

We are not here, having researched products with big profit margins or products with a high volume of sales. We simply have a good product, which we hope to sell on the world's greatest marketplace. 

At Logos NZ, we know first hand the care and precision involved with labels and barcodes and shipping to make this happen, and it is a pity that we have to compete with the handful of others selling PalmLeaf plates  who would have gone into all this trouble. But this is to be expected in the world of business.

We hope to get back the money we put in. Making a profit is secondary at this stage. That's how small our profit margins are, especially with the Amazon fees being more than a third of the selling price! One hopes that in time, as more people get to know about these gorgeous plates, we will be able to sell larger quantities and make some money.

It is satisfying to know that at the manufacturer's end in India, our business helps an industry that in turn provides a livelihood to many. 

If you have used our products, whether in New Zealand or in the US, do write a review for us on Amazon, if you find a moment and are so inclined . . . and let us know so we can thank you.

(Click here to see our product range on Amazon) If you want to find us without the link, search for palm leaf plates and add the word 'logos' in your search.

#PalmLeaf #Amazonseller

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