Should you buy 'Compostable' and 'Recyclable'?

If a brand of tableware claims that their product is compostable or recyclable, it's good, right?

Answer: Not necessarily.

The Internet has scores of articles on why we must be cautious, and here are links to a couple of them. 

-- About the situation in Australia -- About the situation in New Zealand 

These articles tell you that many of these supposedly-recyclable bioplastics need special facilities for recycling, and our infrastructure is not quite ready for this yet. 

Similarly, many of these "compostibles" require high temperatures for composting that cannot be achieved by you in your backyards at home. 

We at LogosNZ believe that we must be good stewards of this beautiful earth that we have been given. We bring to New Zealand truly compostable plates and bowls, which are just leaf. How much more compostable can you get than that!

Our products can be composted easily in your backyard compost bin. No problem. 

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